Fat Loss Revolution

Fat Loss Revolution

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Nutritionist and Fitness Expert, Paula Owens, reveals the secrets behind weight gain and empowers readers with realistic solutions to achieve lasting and permanent fat loss without dieting, counting calories or deprivation. Fat Loss Revolution contains practical knowledge that most people are not receiving about fat loss. Fat Loss Revolution is not a quick-fix diet or the next best weight loss gimmick. The information in Fat Loss Revolution will work for anyone seeking lasting and permanent fat loss. DISCOVER THE SOLUTIONS FOR OPTIMAL HEALTH AND PERMANENT FAT LOSS * Learn the difference between fat loss and weight loss * Balance hormones for long-term fat loss * Discover solutions to rev up your metabolism * Secrets to look and feel younger * Learn how intolerant foods sabotage fat loss * Overcome food addictions, mindless eating and sugar cravings * Stop counting calories, depriving yourself and lose more fat * Eliminate symptoms associated with common health disorders * Enjoy delicious menu plans with easy-to-make recipes * Maximize fat loss with smarter workouts * Exercise programs including over 60 illustrations * Incorporate a 12-week check list for personal accountability... dead lifts, stepups and pushing and pulling movements (pullups, pushups, overhead presses) using sand bags, body weight, dumbbells, ... These multi-joint exercises have a high metabolic cost, and when done properly they build muscle and increase fat oxidation. Ideally, strength training routines should be periodized (planned variation and manipulation of intensity and volume) every four to sixanbsp;...

Title:Fat Loss Revolution
Author:Paula Owens
Publisher:Paula Owens - 2013-01-05


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