Fat Matrix

Fat Matrix

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The United States is not the only country in the world with obesity issues but for some strange reasons obesity in America is far more severe than in any other part of the world. There is something very mysterious about characteristics of American made obesity. Forget about the fact that we eat too much, forget about the complexity and artificiality of our food. For some unexplained reason we, Americans seem to be proud to be overweight. I was puzzled by this phenomenon for years, then, one terrifying Halloween night, blinded by the movie projector light I had a vision. At that dim wrinkle in time, I realize that we all live in a culinary American dream created by the Masters of Advertising. An imaginary world sponsored by the greedy Calorie Corporations. A lifelong commercial with the endless supply of the best looking, the best tasting and the healthiest food in the world, the illusion that I call - The Fat MatrixIf you do sit-ups every day, month from now, the same 100 sit-ups will barely break the sweat. Your bodya#39;s adaptability is the reason why walking will not help you much in the calories/energy burning process. If you want to burn Energy byanbsp;...

Title:Fat Matrix
Author:Robert Knyzewski, Aida Saeed Baginska, Natalia Lei Knyzewski
Publisher:robert knyzewski - 2009-12-21


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