Fatal Rain

Fatal Rain

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FATAL RAIN The rain-soaked North West coast of America is the setting for this unique survival story. An ecological disaster has contaminated the oceans, which in turn has transferred the poison to the rain and all it touches. Oregon is the first to suffer the onslaught of the newly born virus. With death falling from the sky, uncontaminated water becomes the most prized commodity as social anarchy soon devours cities and survival of the fittest becomes the only law. A UFO containing a documentation team has been sent to Earth from a distant plant. Their mission is to record this world's collapse. In addition, they have a specific interest in Shelly Brown, a 9 year old girl with special powers. They nurture her evolution as she intuitively leads her family and friends to safety in bone-dry Arizona. Shelly struggles with her newly found powers as she helps her tribe overcome their reluctance to do what must be done.Rt French. warmth calm her body and the glow somehow made her smile. There was no noise or smell, just a calm ... Sleep tight, dona#39;t let the bugs bite, but if they do, get your shoe and beat them black and blue.aquot; aquot;What does that mean, Shelly?aquot; aquot;Ita#39;s just something nice to say before you turn out the lights and go to sleep.

Title:Fatal Rain
Author:Rt French
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2009-08


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