Fateful Betrayal

Fateful Betrayal

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When government documents wind up in the wrong hands, US Air Force Sergeant Tafari Spencer becomes the face of the scandal-and now he must prove his innocence in the face of a massive government conspiracy. He is charged with helping notorious Jamaican scammers who have attempted to acquire US visas fraudulently. To make matters worse, he has reason to suspect that he has been betrayed by someone close to him-very close to him. His life in a tailspin, Tafari must rely on inexperienced military lawyers to defend him. The evidence tying him to a Jamaican visa fraud ring is circumstantial at best-but he's about to learn how little of a difference that makes with the island's legal sharks. And once he's acquitted of human trafficking charges in Jamaica, he is cleared to travel back to America to face further criminal prosecution from the US Department of State, Uniform Code of Military Justice, and ultimately the ICE, the most feared beast in the bureaucratic jungle. In a time when the issue of illegal immigration and human trafficking is plaguing America, an extraordinary trial is about to begin. As the prosecutors circle like vultures, Tafari's friends pray for his deliverance. As the scammers in Jamaica vow to silence him and his family before he testifies, another story is about to unfold. Under pressure to send a strong message, the legal landscape changes, offering no safe haven for Tafari and his legal team. Staying out of jail seems next to impossible, but for Tafari, jail will be the least of his worries.a€œWhere can we find you later on today if for some reason the commander gives the order for you to take a drug test?a€œ The purpose ... I wasna#39;t worried about looking bad because I already looked bad in their eyes and there was nothing I could ever do to change that. ... As far as hair follicles go, ifa suspect is pulled in right after a weekend ofpartying, it is stupid for OSI to take them in for a hair test. ... Monday morning I was up long before my alarm clock did its annoying ritual at five-am.

Title:Fateful Betrayal
Author:Royan Harris
Publisher:iUniverse - 2012-08


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