Fatherly Influence

Fatherly Influence

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Fatherly Influence is a person-to-person conversation about one of lifea€™s priceless treasuresa€”our young. Like longtime friends over a cup of coffee, Sutherlanda€™s mellow tone sets the stage for a warm and inviting dialogue. He raided several treasure troves to deliver this gema€”his life of fatherlessness, his mentoring experiences, and the stories of 100 people who shared influential father experiences. Moms, dads, sons, and daughters tell it like it is with insights into fatherly mentoring. See past the daily humdrum of responsibilities, into the dignity and honor of being your childa€™s hero. Understand your powerful influence in their lives. Build strong bonds with Junior and Princess. Discover the secret to effective role-modeling. Raise happier, more balanced kids. Supplant Bill Cosby as Americaa€™s favorite dad in the eyes of those who mattera€”your kids. And build a fine legacy. Fatherly Influence is a sona€™s shrill cry that will awaken the sleeping father. Terry Sutherlanda€™s many years of sensing a paternal void in his life provides him a proper perspective, which qualifies him to offer suggestions to fathers to be an influence in their own home. Through biblical and practical examples he cajoles dads into making their responsibility, personal. Amy Kumar Founder/Chair, More Than Jewels, Inc. Ministries, Dallas, TX. Dr. Sutherland has created a wise and sensitive treatise on a young mana€™s need for a father to guide him and a mature mana€™s mission to provide it. His readers will find themselves in his thoughtful stories and gain inspiration to be the mentors they yearn to be. Dana N. Christensen, Ph.D. Author, Family Therapy: Theory and PracticeIn a capitalistic/materialistic society like ours, many may consider that statement laughable. ... The idea is that having a good reputation is more important than pocketing lots of moneya€”especially if it means one must endure scorn and be the laughingstock of his community. ... If I were a betting man Ia#39;d be willing to make a wager on the notion that Tiger Woods, for instance, would give almost anything toanbsp;...

Title:Fatherly Influence
Author:Winston "Terry" Sutherland, PhD
Publisher:WestBow Press - 2013-05-23


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