Fear of Our Father

Fear of Our Father

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Even after a childhood of abuse and fear, Stacey M. Kananen was shocked when her brother, Rickie, admitted his guilt in the cold-blooded murder of their terrifying father, and years later, their helpless mother. But the greatest shock was to comea€”when he claimed that Stacey had helped him. In 1988, when Rickie and Staceya€™s father, Richard Kananen Sr., apparently left their home in Orlando, Florida, the family was so relieved that they never reported him missing. Fifteen years later to the day, their mother disappeared. When police became suspicious, Rickie admitted to Stacey that their fathera€™s body was under the cement floor of their mothera€™s garage, and their mother was buried in Staceya€™s own backyard. Overwhelmed by grief and horror, Staceya€™s brother convinced her that they should commit suicide. After a failed attempt, she woke to discover her brother arresteda€”along with the realization that he had probably never intended to kill himself at all. But his betrayals were not yet over: On the eve of his trial in 2007, he suddenly claimed Stacey had been in on it, and she found herself charged with murder with a gung ho rookie detective out to put her away no matter what. This is the tragic and triumphant account of one womana€™s struggle to overcome her past, clear her name in what would become a dramatic public spectacle of a trial, and finally escape the nightmares that had haunted her entire life. INCLUDES PHOTOSThe buck still stopped with Anna€”she made all the decisionsa€”but we did the actual work. ... We filed a change of address with the post office so our mail would be forwarded from the homeownersa#39; bank of mailboxes to the resorta#39;s generalanbsp;...

Title:Fear of Our Father
Author:Stacey Kananen, Lisa Bonnice
Publisher:Penguin - 2013-06-04


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