Feast Day of Fools

Feast Day of Fools

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Danny Boy Lorca was used to having apocalyptic visions - the beatings he'd taken in jail and the booze he drank to forget them made sure of that. But what he saw and heard that night out in the desert was more terrifying than anything even his battered spirit could have conjured. A man tortured to death. Slowly and methodically and with inhuman cruelty. When Danny Boy tells his tale to Sheriff Hackberry Holland, Hack knows something evil has leaked over the border into his corner of South Texas. What he doesn't realize is that this brutal slaying is just the beginning of a twisted three-way manhunt that will pit a psychotic killer seeking release for the souls of his murdered children against a religious maniac in love with death, and a Russian gangster whose name is a byword for fear...a€œIf thata#39;s what you say, a€ Negrito replied. a€œGood.a€ a€œAnd after ... a€œYoua#39;ll sell the Quaker to the Arabs but not the Texan to our own people? ... Unconsciously, Krill rested his palm against the car trunk and felt the exhaust heat in the metal soak into his skin and leave his hand feeling scorched and dirty. ... But I thought the man with the hole in his face might have been working for the Russian, this guy Sholokoff.

Title:Feast Day of Fools
Author:James Lee Burke
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2011-11-10


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