Federal Government and Criminal Justice

Federal Government and Criminal Justice

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qThis book provides a description of the responses taken by the federal government to issues revolving around criminal justice. In other words, it looks at what federal actors did to address different crime problems. It includes a description of action taken by the president, Congress, courts, bureaucracies, and interest groups to solve crime. Each chapter focuses on a different problem, such as guns, and shows what the different presidents said about guns, what policies were proposed and/or passed by Congress, any cases heard by the Supreme Court on the issue, how interest groups got involved, and different bureaucracies (such as the FBI)q--Provided by publisher.President Truman During the Truman administration our society, in general, did not recognize driving under the influence (DUI) to be as harmful as in todaya#39;s society. However, in 1955, Harry Truman called on people to drive safely and keepanbsp;...

Title:Federal Government and Criminal Justice
Author:Nancy E. Marion
Publisher:Palgrave Macmillan - 2011-09-13


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