Federal Indian Law

Federal Indian Law

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qUntil the Handbook of Federal Indian Law was issued by the Department of the Interior in 1942, no comprehensive guide to these was available. That work was principally the production of Felix S. Cohen, then assistant solicitor of the department.... It was acclaimed in the pages of this JOURNAL as 'a first class text on 'Indian Law.' The acclaim was justified, unquestionably. The present work, prepared with an anonymity that defies a reviewer's attempt to attribute authorship, is stated in the preface to be qa revision and updating through the year 1956' of Mr. Cohen's work. The revision has included a regrouping of the original twenty-three chapters into eleven, coupled with substantial rearrangement of part of the text. However, by use of the tables of contents of the two volumes, it is possible to follow the text of the old into its place in the new. The work of updating has been done thoroughly and conscientiously. This new volume is indispensable to the lawyer who may be concerned with Indian matters or who may wish to become informed concerning the law applicable to Indians.q: Maurice H. Merrill, American Bar Association Journal 44 (1958) 1072.[T]he closing years of the eighteenth century were marked by serious difficulties between the Cherokee Indians and the ... this large area to the Federal Government, Georgia received a large payment of money and an agreement by the United States ... can be peaceable obtained, on reasonable terms, the Indian title * * * (to certain specified lands) * * * and that the ... Many influential Cherokees were bitterly opposed to it, and the great majority of Indians were extremely dubious of theanbsp;...

Title:Federal Indian Law
Author:Fred Andrew Seaton, Elmer F. Bennett
Publisher:The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd. - 2007-06-01


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