Feeling Safe A First Step Towards Making You Safe

Feeling Safe A First Step Towards Making You Safe

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Th e author is a retired attorney who has spent a lifetime in America's societypeacefully resolving controversies his clients had with other persons andcompanies. Since retiring at the turn of the century he, like many others, have observed a defi nite trend in America's society towards violence.Th e causes for this unwanted trend are many and obvious but not the subjectof this book. Instead this book was written as an awakening to the fact thatthis trend is leading us all down the road to a sick violent society and it isup to us all to oppose the trend with common sense. Some suggestions fortaking a stand against this trend, highlighted in this book are:a. Let's encounter strangers as potential friends with a smile and not a sneerwith one hand pressed against a concealed handgun.b. Let's get rid of lethal handguns altogether and make them as unaccessibleto the ordinary citizen as explosives.c. As parents and grandparents, let's be careful what we teach our kids by wordor example. For instance, hate being a word to avoid along with negativefeelings towards others who are diff erent.d. And most importantly let's put a stop to all killings; in war zones abroad asa way to peace; and on our streets and highways here at home by speeding.And much more! Th e Author knows that if you follow the suggestions of hisbook you will not only feel and be safer, you will feel good about yourselfand what you do.As we all have experienced, it is the same force that works against an attacking dog. When a dog ... Obviously, more implementation of this nonviolent relationship, than stated above, - 83 - FeeliNg saFe a First step towards makiNg you saFe.

Title:Feeling Safe A First Step Towards Making You Safe
Author:James McNenny
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2010-09-23


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