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Someone's about to rip off a sleepy little Louisiana town! Chuck's gang of truckers are geared for looting. When Tom masterminds a false hurricane alert. When sheriff Boshardt orders an evacuation of the town. When Chuck moves in to strip the town clean. Their cool caper escalates into a devastating triple-cross that rips the rooftops off everything from Miami to New Orleans - and nothing - no one will ever be the same!You give some people a bonsoir or a bonjour and you might get a little better service in a store. ... a#39;My father say I got to told you that you got to brought yourself around for some fine eating like you never ate before, a#39; and you say a#39;Huh? ... He took off his clothes and piled them on the chair, unlike Darlaine, who had thrown hers randomly to the floor ... and faster, just a little bit away from where he could give her some genuine pleasure, she grabbed his erection and started stroking it.

Author:George Effinger
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2011-12-12


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