Feng Shui beyond Boundaries

Feng Shui beyond Boundaries

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As human beings, we search for the same thing our entire lives: happiness. There are many paths to this elusive and precious destination. But once attained, some joys last, while others wither quickly. What are the secrets to findinga€”and keepinga€”lifelong happiness? Do these secrets even exist? Do you search for true happiness? Within these ancient practices, you can discover tools to help you become the cocreator of your destiny. Do you search for your perfect soul mate? Finding this person isna€™t hard at all, once you understand how universal energy truly works. Do you search for financial stability? The key to this treasure is well within reacha€”with the right education and some hard work. We all have the power to turn our dreams into reality; this guide, packed with ancient theories and backed by modern science about the power of mind energy, can help you do so. The power of Feng Shui is immeasurable; it can change your life. By living in harmony with the universal Chi, you can shape your destiny. Youa€™ll learn how Feng Shuia€™s potent secret formulas can be used to create your new destiny. Are you ready for happiness beyond anything you could have imagined? Feng Shui beyond Boundaries can show you the path; ita€™s time to take that first step on your journey to a new life.Tiburon, CA: H. J. Kramer, 1986. Tolle, Eckhart. The Power ofNow: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment. Vancouver, BC: Namaste Pub., 2004. Too ... Lifea#39;s Missing Instruction Manual: The Guidebook You Should Have Been Given at Birth.

Title:Feng Shui beyond Boundaries
Author:Vee Huynh
Publisher:iUniverse - 2012-12-13


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