Feng Shui Guide with Auspicious Directions Calculator

Feng Shui Guide with Auspicious Directions Calculator

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Plan your home, improve your relationships, and achieve career success with this easy to follow Feng Shui Guide. Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice of placement and arrangement objects in space to achieve harmony with the environment. The practice is estimated to be more than 3, 000 years old. Feng Shui literally means qwind and waterq in Chinese. Feng Shui is based on the premise that people, places and things have energy. Positive energy is called chi and negative energy is called sha. According to an ancient Chinese teaching every person is born with four favorable and four harmful directions. To fulfill his/her potential a person should utilize the auspicious directions and avoid qunluckyq ones. Each of the auspicious directions attracts a slightly different kind of good fortune. For example sleeping in your SHENG CHI direction will bring you money and career luck. It is also the direction that you should face when negotiating or giving an important presentation. If you want to get married or conceive a child you should focus on your NIEN YEN direction. Your auspicious direction can be calculated based on your gender and the year you were born. This software uses the Eight Mansions formula to identify your auspicious directions and explain the meaning of each direction. Table of Contents Home Planning: Landscape | Environment | Front Entrance Inside the House: Entrance Door | Bedroom | Office | Chinese Traditional Methods to Enhance Chi Energy | Color Guide Auspicious Directions: Auspicious Directions Calculator | Sleeping Directions | Doors | Office... Book ofMormon, Doctrine and Covenantsand Pearl ofGreat Price, Mormon Churcha#39;s Sacred Texts: Book of Mormon, ... These eBooks are availablefor for PC , Pocket PC, Palm, Blackberry, Smartphone, Symbian, andother mobile devices.

Title:Feng Shui Guide with Auspicious Directions Calculator
Publisher:MobileReference - 2007-01-01


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