Field Guide to Upland Birds and Waterfowl

Field Guide to Upland Birds and Waterfowl

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This full color pocket field guide includes everything needed to correctly identify 73 species of North American waterfowl a game birds. Chris Smith's excellent full color illustrations detail every important aspect of each bird a are complemented by concise, informative descriptions. From grouse a quail to puddle ducks a divers, every important game bird in North America is covered. There has never been such a thorough, useful field guide for important game birds. You will find 23 North American upland game birds a 50 waterfowl species covered, along with: * Detailed full color illustrations * Full color distribution maps for each species * Thorough descriptions covering special features of identification, habitat, breeding habits, vocalizations, a flock information for waterfowl * Special features of identification are also illustrated, including the wings of each waterfowl species to aid in identification of individual species a between male a female within a species There are also diagrams for both upland game birds a waterfowl showing every part of the bird that is used in identification. A flyway map of North America is accompanied by a detailed list showing the degree of occurrence for each waterfowl species in the different flyways.WILD TURKEY (Meleagris gallc Nicknames Gobbler, Tom (males) Average Size and Weight Males: 27aquot; to 49aquot; a€” 16 to 25 lbs Females: 27aquot; to 49aquot; ... And last, the spur length is a good indicator of older or younger birds a€” much the same as beard length but more reliable. a€c Turkeys prefer running to evade danger and can do so with a great burst of speed; however, they are strong flyers for short distances.

Title:Field Guide to Upland Birds and Waterfowl
Author:Christopher Smith
Publisher:Wilderness Adventures Press - 2000


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