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This no-holds-barred account of Kelly Obsourne's upbringing is as shocking as it is disarmingly funny. From stories about her father's alcoholism to pushing over portaloos on tour, Kelly unflinchingly deals with the extraordinary experiences that have made up her life so far: 'Kelly Osbourne has written Fierce, a handbook for teenage girls/memoir of adolescence lived under very bright lights. After reading it, and her anecdotes about her mum's early experiments with home waxing, and her dad snipping off her thong, and Amy Winehouse complimenting her on her tits, and the confidence that comes with Vicodin, as well as the fact boxes with advice about bullying and hair straighteners, I like her very much.' Eva Wiseman, ObserverStraight away I saw Amy Winehousea#39;s beehive sticking up a€“ you couldna#39;t miss it! I couldna#39;t believe the number of people who had ... I could hear it thudding inside me. I cana#39;t remember actually singing my first songa€”not one bit. But when it was anbsp;...

Author:Kelly Osbourne
Publisher:Random House - 2009-10-20


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