Fifteen Years at Imnaha Guard Station

Fifteen Years at Imnaha Guard Station

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When people asked me what I did for a living I used to tell them I was a fireman for the Forest Service and in the off-season I taught school. But of course, teaching was my profession, and I did enjoy it. In 1997 I retired after almost 30 years in the classroom, most of it at Pleasant Hill, one of the finest public schools in Oregon. Pleasant Hill is a a€œbedroom communitya€ ten miles from Eugene, Oregon. But the typical residence is three acres and a horse. Beginning when I was in the eighth grade my plan was to be a a€œforest ranger.a€ I studied and worked toward that goal. But when it came time for college I could not afford to go away to OSU and a good Forestry program. I lived at home and finally gravitated toward math education. However I worked for the Forest Service summers beginning in 1958. My first summer was part of a a€œroad crewa€ on the Mount Hood. Then I worked on a survey crew in the Applegate District of the Rogue River National Forest. I gotsome fire experience there and then spent 15 years at Imnaha Guard Station in the Butte Falls District. My wife and I raised four wonderful boys. Each worked for the Forest Service for a time and all have super families of their own now. I have six grandchildren, plus two little boys who lived with me 24/7 for the fi rst four years of their life. My last ten years or so were spent on the Willamette. I was an Arial Observer for two or three years and then moved into the centralized dispatch center in Eugene. This is my first attempt at writing. Maybe it wona€™t be my last.In the process I removed about a square of Sugar Pine shakes which formed the west wall of the barn, as they were badly damaged. The next summer after completing the frame repair I split 30a€ non-taper shakes as Waldo Nye had taught meanbsp;...

Title:Fifteen Years at Imnaha Guard Station
Author:JB Poet
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2005-05-19


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