Fight Fat After Forty

Fight Fat After Forty

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It's a fact: stress makes you fat. Renowned clinician and scientist Dr. Pamela Peeke goes beyond diet and exercise with a lifestyle program that shows women how to stop being diet qPOWsq (qPrisoners Of Weightq) or victims of qToxic Stressq and how to evolve into physically and mentally stress-resilient individuals. Peeke helps women identify their stress-eating profiles (Are you a stress-overeater? A stress-undereater?) and explains that to remove weight, you have to lift weight. She explains what to eat and, equally as important, when to eat by navigating the afternoon qCortiZone, q the hours of highest vulnerability to stress eating. Learn how to put it all together through the fine art of regrouping. Women can tailor this accessible program to their individual needs using Peeke's three behavior templates: * Stress-resilient nutrition * Stress-resilient physical activity * Stress-resilient regrouping Dr. Peeke's program is a must for women who want to break the stress-fat cycle that has thickened their after-forty waistlines.For your delectable treats in Woman Food portions of one-half-cup to one-cup serving sizes, I suggest using a small bowl ... focus make you more vulnerable to disregard portion and serving size as you desperately seek anesthesia from food.

Title:Fight Fat After Forty
Author:Pamela Peeke
Publisher:Penguin - 2001-05-01


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