Fight Medicine

Fight Medicine

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Fight Medicine is the first book that explains in detail what medical professionals, fighters, trainers and managers need to know about diagnosing and treating combat sports injuries. Injured boxers, wrestlers and mixed martial artists who ignore injuries or fail to seek optimal health care often pay for it with pain, frustration and lost training time. Fighters require specialized medical care from appropriately trained medical professionals. Although there are many well-qualified physicians who take care of athletes, some may not have the specialized training needed to recognize a serious fight injury that can impact a fighter's career. Many health care providers are unfamiliar with the unique issues of fight medicine, such as hand injury, ocular injury, concussion and chronic traumatic brain injury. Dr. Kelly has packed Fight Medicine with chapter after chapter of solid information on the diagnosis and treatment of a wide array of injuries and ailments suffered by fighters, including bone, joint and soft tissue injuries; neurological and cardiac conditions; pulmonary conditions; and infectious diseases. Whether you're a doctor who wants to learn more about fight medicine or a fighter or trainer, Fight Medicine will give you the information you need to make the right call.LABRUM TEARS The shoulder joint has a rim of cartilage around the socket component called the labrum. This cartilage helps stabilize the joint. ... arthroscopic surgery may be indicated. Some experts recommend immediate surgical repairanbsp;...

Title:Fight Medicine
Author:Dr. Michael Kelly
Publisher:Paladin Press - 2008-01-01


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