Film and Suspense

Film and Suspense

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An important fact about films a stage plays is that the creation, a the creators, of the most successful of them are shrouded in mystery. This is true especially about Shakespeare, Hitchcock a other top filmmakers of Hollywood in general. This book unveils the secret of the success of the masters of drama, as summarized below. A a€œgood filma€ is the one that gives to the spectator the impression of witnessing real events. Certain story events provide real pleasure to the spectator independently from the activities of the story characters a make him/her wish those events to be real. This process of wishing a enjoying the result a wishing it to be real, is the most solid basis of the illusion of reality but cannot satisfy all of his/her needs. It is relatively easy to please the spectator but difficult to make him experience fear. Story telling consists of pleasing a scaring the audience. The spectator can be rewarded by showing him/her what he/she likes to see a wishes to be real a therefore sees as real. But how he/she can be punished/made to fear real punishment? The answer is to induce free-floating anxiety in his/her mind. This response is a consequence of the spectatora€™s repressed guilt caused by the morally unacceptable but unavoidable side consequences of his/her acceptable wishes. In this book, the generation of free-floating anxiety is explained in detail, a it is shown that Shakespeare knew about this phenomenon in some form and made it the basis of his dramatic technique. Hitchcock learned its theory from Freud a its use in drama from Shakespeare. Hitchcocka€™s Psycho and The Birds are analyzed in full, partially shot by shot, a Shakespearea€™s Hamlet, King Lear, and Othello are analyzed also in full, partially line by line. The nature of suspense a how it is generated are explained a its relation to conflict, guilt, free-floating anxiety, hopes a fears, action, a the illusion of reality are clarified a exemplified.In any case, the spectator found the attacks of the birds real and dangerous and therefore does not like the attitude of the towna#39;s people. ... They all go to the window to watch it. ... Gulls keep diving on the town coming from behind the camera.

Title:Film and Suspense
Author:Altan Löker
Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2005


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