Final Justice

Final Justice

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HE WAS A FATHER? A DNA test revealed that Mason Grant had a nine-year-old daughter. He'd had no idea that the woman he'd loved and so tragically lost had been pregnant. Or that his own child had been in the custody of the woman's murderer all these years. Now the killer wanted Mason to paya€”in more ways than onea€”for the return of the girl. And for daring to find love with old friend Jennifer Pappas. But the only payback the cold-blooded murderer would get was final justice. REUNION REVELATIONS: Secrets surface when old friendsa€”and foesa€”get together.gun and we wona#39;t dispute your story that you were only planning to rob us. That cuts your prison time down from life to a couple of years. Even if you have as many priors as I suspect you do, an arrest for attempted robbery willbe betterforyouanbsp;...

Title:Final Justice
Author:Jasmine Cresswell
Publisher:Harlequin - 2014-07-15


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