Finding Freedom

Finding Freedom

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No matter what people tell him, Jedda Wright is convinced he's nobody's hero. He's made his mistakes and paid dearly for them over the years. Suddenly freed from his past he's forced to find his way in a world he hardly recognizes. He's written himself off as a lost cause and pushes away any chance at love. Has he been punished enough to be worthy of his redemption or when given the chance will he make the same mistakes again? Willow has risen from the ashes of her former life and become one of the privileged. The knowledge that she did so at the expense of her brother's freedom has always haunter her. Now that Jedda's back should she finally thank him for the sacrifices he made to protect her? Or when her messy relationships follow her to Edenville will she inadvertently force her brother to risk his freedom again to save her life? Surrounded by Edenville's own ragtag team of do-gooders will Jedda and Willow navigate the dangers of their new lives and be able to find their freedom? Or will they both end up alone, back where they started?Everyone turned her way and broke into silly laughter as they saw the beach ball shea#39;d tucked underneath the middle of it to try to size the dress correctly. ... she patted the ball. Jedda was the first to stop laughing, his mind getting distracted by the sight of this beautiful girl. ... Get a hold of yourself. Dona#39;t go ... a€œOh, I hope so, a€ Clay said, spinning Betty around and kissing her as she pretended to fight him off .

Title:Finding Freedom
Author:Danielle Stewart
Publisher:Danielle Stewart - 2014-11-21


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