Finding Your Frugal Way

Finding Your Frugal Way

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Learn to save money, live a frugal life, and fit it all into your busy lifestyle. NO DUMPSTER DIVING REQUIRED. I use to dread getting birthday part invites for my daughter's friends from school. All the money I had to spend on a gift, card and gift bag. Never getting a thank you card from the kid. Well, NOT ANYMORE. I started using a great little trick to score FREE gifts and stockpile them. When the invites arrive, I don't flinch. I head to our stockpile and qshopq for the gift that'll fit the age and sex of the child whose birthday party we're invited to. Want to learn how to get a stockpile of your very own? Simple. I use $10 off YOUR PURCHASE of $10 or MORE coupons I receive from local department stores. These coupons allow you to buy $10 worth of product and get $10 off. What does that equal? FREE STUFF. We get these coupons, at least, every other month from two separate department stores. I bet many of you throw those bad boys away, or just think of them as $10 off a large purchase. Read all your coupons carefully! You're throwing away FREE STUFF. Think that's a good trick? That's small potatoes compared to what I've got to teach you in Finding Your Frugal Way! When you're shopping for gifts, household items, clothing, and really just about anything, there's always a way to SAVE MONEY. Finding Your Frugal Way is your guide to learning how to live not just within your means, but rather, BELOW your means.some coupon codes may negate the cash rebate percentage or invalidate a cash rebate. Finally, look for FREE ... Another GREAT way to keep those budgets under control is to use cash/reward-earning credit cards. Only use them when youanbsp;...

Title:Finding Your Frugal Way
Author:Staci Gerardi - 2013-02-21


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