Fire Birds

Fire Birds

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For weeks, the towna€™s museum director has fought the undead and has believed that he was Clayfielda€™s sole survivor. But when odd things begin to happen, it becomes clear that other healthy people are around. A friend shows up unexpectedly full of trouble and secrets, and they are not alone. Another group of survivors brings even more secrets and conflict. And then therea€™s Bruce, the new guy in Clayfield. Bruce likes the zombie apocalypse just fine. He gets to be the person he could not be before the outbreak. He is in Clayfield looking for fun, but his brand of fun could destroy the town. Enemies must tolerate each other out of necessity, and friendships are tested. One person in the group of survivors knows something that the others do not: The rumors are true; something bad is definitely coming to Clayfield, and there could be no way to stop it and nowhere to hide.a€œBikers put on all the leather and shit and people say thata#39;s cool. Those rednecks ... a€œWhat kind of costumes does the guy have?a€ a€œFuck you, a€ he said. ... You look just like The Punisher or were you going for Steven Seagal?a€ Hegrinnedalittleanbsp;...

Title:Fire Birds
Author:Shane Gregory
Publisher:Permuted Press - 2013-10-22


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