First a Panther, Then a Bulldog!

First a Panther, Then a Bulldog!

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This is the story of my four years of high school, starting with two years at Rockville as a Panther, and the second two years as a Bulldog at Appleton City, Missouri. They were fun, productive years. I was a bright student with limited athletic abilities, but competed with some success in both basketball and football. During summers and on weekends, I worked at my Father's sawmill, helping at the mill, logging in the timber, and later on, driving log trucks or delivering lumber to customers. I bought a 1928 Model T touring car, painted it bright red, and used it to attract and transport girls. My academic record was not excellent, but I did win a small Curator's Award to the University of Missouri, where in 1954 I would attend college, majoring in Physics. The training that I received from my family, my mentors, and my high school experience would serve me well throughout my life. This story celebrates those years.The Senior Play The senior class presented a three-act play, a€œThe Drums of Deatha€. Twenty-four out of thirty seven seniors were involved in the project. A lot of the popular people were involved: Our class president Kenneth Yoss, Valedictoriananbsp;...

Title:First a Panther, Then a Bulldog!
Author:Herbert Waggener - 2010-03-04


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