First Contracts

First Contracts

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Mankind is about to rise as a boarder world in a galactic cold war between the Telshean Union and the Republic Combine. Since the nineteen forties Combine treaties have formed shadow governments that now reverse engineer, steal and kill for technology in the race to produce the first human advanced tech patent. Fighting to fulfill their treaty with a patent they aim for the rights to form Earth Is first representative government. Our emerging heroa€™s in the contractor guild are caught in a torrent of new alliances as Daniel Young; Earth Is first contractor fulfills the American treaty. The shadow governments end their secret operations while the Republic Combine and surprisingly Telshean Union reveal themselves to Earth. Political dialog takes place as the cold war heats up before Daniel secures Combine support to defend mankind from the Telshean Symbiote protocol. Fulfilling the deal with his new technology he leads combine forces in the retaking of another Is home world lost to the Telshar and leaves the Symbiote Is undergoing reversion to find the war surrounds Earth. Eartha€™s emerging Terran Council is born as Union and Combine forces are destroying each other in the system. Mankind Is first leader Althea Jefferson is elected from the American organization and rises to be the first Terran Chancellor. As the council starts to function Althea must preserve the council so their treaties may preserve them from the war. As war engulfs Earth, hopes lay with a Telshean prophet and a former Telshean politician.Surprised at his words Mir looked back to him for a moment before turning back to the food, a€œNow Daniel. You dona#39;t need to ... When the aphrodisiacs stimulate you the blood swells in your taste buds too; making the taste better.a€ Surprised at it she ... Helping him take off his shirt Miranda got one of his arms out as the doorbell rang and she began to feel the buzz coming back very strongly. a€œOne secondanbsp;...

Title:First Contracts
Author:Jason Melzer
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2013-09-06


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