First Lessons Folk Harp

First Lessons Folk Harp

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First Lessons Folk Harp is designed for the beginner harp student who has no prior music training. In this book they will learn to read music notation, count rhythm, implement important fingering techniques, organize practice, tune a harp, play common bass patterns and make a decision about which kind of harp to play. Tips are included to help students get the most out of practicing. The songs serve as examples of harp basics, allowing the student to learn while playing vibrant melodies instead of repetitive or trite exercises. This book features traditional Irish, Scottish, Welsh, Canadian, American and Renaissance music. These songs will transport and delight audiences with their simplicity and profound clarity. They invite us to ancient landscapes steeped in mystery, and to experience the traditions of harping throughout the ages.This book presents two new note reading methods based on logical, predictable music patterns that employ cutting edge techniques. They were developed to move students beyond reading notes as single isolated symbols. The rhythm table compares the different note values and rests to each other and visually shows how they are related through counting out rhythm increments. Helpful photos define how important hand positions are on the harp. These are an immense resource for students, allowing them to avoid tension in their hands and prevent injury. Accompanying audio allows them to play along as they learn.Lesson #17: Raising Levers for a New Key Folk harps are fitted with levers to make the harp more versatile with respect to music written in keys other than the key of C. This gives us the flexibility to change into new keys quickly by raisinganbsp;...

Title:First Lessons Folk Harp
Author:Star Edwards
Publisher:Mel Bay Publications - 2013-10-04


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