First Light

First Light

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Early mornings used to be Chris Landruma€™s favorite time on the small South Carolina island he calls homea€”until a stranger joins him along a lonely stretch of road. After a car suddenly barrels toward them in the predawn darkness and slams the stranger into the hereafter, Chrisa€™s peaceful retirement is thrown into a tailspin once again. Even though the police declare the strangera€™s death a tragic accident, Chris knows better. Distressed, Chris heads to his photo gallery, hoping for a distraction from the daya€™s horrific start. But when another man is murdered in his beachside home within hours, Chris soon learns that the only thing the victims have in common is First Light, Folly Beacha€™s newest place of worship, led by nontraditional preacher Burl Ives Costello. Assisted by his friend and self-proclaimed private detective, Charles Fowler, Chris begins to dig into Costelloa€™s suspicious past. As Chris and Charles become more convinced that Costello is somehow tied to the deaths, the body count rises and no one is safe. In a new Folly Beach mystery, a retiree turned amateur sleuth and his quirky pals must put everything on the linea€”including their livesa€”to catch a killer before they become part of the death count.Now, you going tokeep suckingup, or do youwant to hearwhat I know?a€ a€œInfo, please, a€ I said. She pulleda notebook out of her pocket and flipped through a few pages before settingit on the table. a€œThey found the car:a 2009 Nissan Altima, black.

Title:First Light
Author:Bill Noel
Publisher:iUniverse - 2014-12-09


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