First Order Mathematical Logic

First Order Mathematical Logic

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Well-written undergraduate-level introduction begins with symbolic logic and set theory, followed by presentation of statement calculus and predicate calculus.Also covers first-order theories, completeness theorem, Godel's incompleteness theorem, much more. Exercises. Bibliography.Basic introduction covering isoperimetric problems, theory of elasticity, quantum mechanics, electrostatics, etc. ... Classic of 20th-century foundational research deals with the conceptual problem posed by the continuum. 156pp. 5* x 8*. 67982-9 CHALLENGING MATHEMATICAL PROBLEMS WITH ELEMENTARY SOLUTIONS, A. M. Yaglom and I. M. ... 65218-1 STATISTICS MANUAL, Edwin L. Crow et al.

Title:First Order Mathematical Logic
Author:Angelo Margaris
Publisher:Courier Corporation - 1990


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