First-String Future

First-String Future

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Tori Baylor is a dancer and an animal lover. Or is she an animal lover and a dancer? On the first day of school, she discovers that her class will dissect a frog this year, and she gathers her courage to tell the forbidding Mrs. Stengle she doesna€™t want to take part. The new science teachera€™s rudeness comes as a shock, and Tori wishes she had a close friend to laugh it off with. Dance classes six days a week, however, leave little time for friends. Tori wonders if she should forget her dream of a ballet career and plan to work with animals instead. Her mothera€™s arthritis is worsening, and Tori feels guilty seeing her limp off to work to pay for her lessons. Shea€™d love to be an animal rights activist, if she could be brave enough. But not to dancea€”how could I bear it? she asks herself. Her mother, who once hoped to become a dancer, has always told Tori and her sister, a€œBe sure to have a second string to your bow, a€ meaning a second career choice. I do have two strings, Tori thinks, dance and animals. But which should be my first-string future?I keep a pile of these rejects to practice in at home so my good ones are clean for class.I slip onmy old ballet shoes, ... Icarry my old pointe shoes into the studio to put on later and clunk them downin the corner. The toes of this pairare gettinganbsp;...

Title:First-String Future
Author:Kat Corbett
Publisher:iUniverse - 2000-10-18


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