Fish Conservation

Fish Conservation

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Fish Conservation offers, for the first time in a single volume, a readable reference with a global approach to marine and freshwater fish diversity and fishery resource issues. Gene Helfman brings together available knowledge on the decline and restoration of freshwater and marine fishes, providing ecologically sound answers to biodiversity declines as well as to fishery management problems at the subsistence, recreational, and commercial levels. Written in an engaging and accessible style, the book: considers the value of preserving aquatic biodiversity offers an overview of imperiled fishes on a taxonomic and geographic basis presents a synthesis of common characteristics of imperiled fishes and their habitats details anthropogenic causes of decline examines human exploitation issues addresses ethical questions surrounding exploitation of fishes The final chapter integrates topics and evaluates prospects for arresting declines, emphasizing the application of evolutionary and ecological principles in light of projected trends. Throughout, Helfman provides examples, explores case studies, and synthesizes available information from a broad taxonomic, habitat, and geographic range. Fish Conservation summarizes the current state of knowledge about the degradation and restoration of diversity among fishes and the productivity of fishery resources, pointing out areas where progress has been made and where more needs to be done. Solutions focus on the application of ecological knowledge to solving practical problems, recognizing that effective biodiversity conservation depends on meeting human needs through management that focuses on long term sustainability and an ecosystem perspective.2001. Seabird bycatch:Trends, roadblocks, and solutions. Fairbanks: Univ. Alaska Sea Grant. Meng, L., P. B. Moyle, and B. Herbold. 1994. Changes in ... American Rivers and Sierra Club. ry/ WhereRiversAreBorn1.pdf. Meyer, J.L. ... Physical habitat simulation system reference manual:Version II. U.S.Fish ... Native fishes of the Grand Canyon region:An obituary? In Coloradoanbsp;...

Title:Fish Conservation
Author:Gene S. Helfman
Publisher:Island Press - 2007-07-15


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