Fish Diseases and Disorders

Fish Diseases and Disorders

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This second edition of the book Fish Diseases and Disorders, Viral, Bacterial and Fungal Infections volume 3 represents a major update on the viral, bacterial and oomycete disorders of finfish and shellfish. Since publication of the first edition (in 1999), considerable advances have been made and therefore all the chapters have been thoroughly revised. The new and more eloquent research and current techniques have extended our knowledge and understanding of these infectious organisms. Researchers from Europe, North America, Australia and Asia have been involved in updating this book. With the addition of new information, some of the older texts in the original chapters have been condensed; this is to ensure a more focused and comprehensive reviews. For this edition, deletion and/or combination a couple of the original chapters, have been made and added three new chapters (Chapter 6 on 'Alphaviruses', Chapter 7 on 'Oncogenic Viruses' and Chapter 21 on 'Genomics of Finfish and Shellfish Microbial Pathogens'), which have been written by new authors. There are 22 new authors who have offered to write new chapters and/or update many of the original chapters. The aims, philosophy, focus, audience and format of this second edition have remained unchanged, and the authors hoped that this edition will continue to be useful to colleagues.Anon. (2006) Manual of Diagnostic Tests for Aquatic Animals, 6th Edition. Office International des Epizooties, Paris, ISBN 92-9044-682-X. Anon. (2007) Infectious pancreatic necrosis. In: Bluebook, Suggested Procedures for the Detection andanbsp;...

Title:Fish Diseases and Disorders
Author:P. T. K. Woo, John F. Leatherland, David W. Bruno
Publisher:CABI - 2011


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