Fish species identification manual for deep-bottom snapper fishermen

Fish species identification manual for deep-bottom snapper fishermen

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qThe overall aim of this manual is to improve and increase the amount and accuracy of catch data provided by deep-bottom snapper fishers in the Pacific Islands region, when they complete their catch and effort logsheets (and to encourage those who do not complete logsheets to start doing so). It will enable fishers to more accurately identify the fish they catch and to record species previously not recorded because they did not know what they were, or considered them insignificant or irrelevant.The manual is presented in eight tabbed sections for ease of use. Each section starts with a list of the species covered in the section, with the scientific and standard FAO English and French names -- when there was no FAO name for a species, the authors retained the name most commonly used in the Pacific Islands region -- and the FAO species code to be used by fishers when completing their logsheets.Within each species group, species that may be hard to distinguish have been presented on opposite or adjoining pages to make identification easierq--Publication's home page.... Marquesan grouper MAcrou Marquises 74 Epinephelus lanceolatus EEN Giant grouper MAcrou lancAcolAc 75 Epinephelus quernus EEQ Hawaiian grouper MAcrou hawaiien 76 Epinephelus caeruleopunctatus EWC Whitespotted grouper MAcrou anbsp;...

Title:Fish species identification manual for deep-bottom snapper fishermen
Author:Lindsay Chapman, Aymeric Desurmont, Pierre Boblin, William Sokimi, Steve Beverly
Publisher:SPC FAME Digital Library - 2008-01-01


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