Fishes of the Pacific Coast

Fishes of the Pacific Coast

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These attractive, pocket-sized guides for fish watchers have been carefully written by Goodson and profusely illustrated in striking water colors by Phillip Weisgerber. Although designed for divers, fishers, aquarists and other nonprofessionals, these little books will undoubtedly find their way on to the shelves of many ichthyologists who will value them as quick references and for providing life-like, color renditions of many fish species found in American coastal waters. -- Copeia Goodson' s guidebook is designed for the fishwatcher-- whether skin or scuba diver, fisherman, aquarist, schoolchild or casual tourist exploring the shore-- who seeks to know more about our marine life. -- Palos Verdes Peninsula NewsFemales lay eggs which are aggressively guarded by the male. ... Unique because, when threatened, it dives for cover into the burrow of a ghost shrimp or occasionally a mud shrimp a€” an unwelcome intrusion, since the goby feeds on theanbsp;...

Title:Fishes of the Pacific Coast
Author:Gar Goodson, Phillip J. Weisgerber
Publisher:Stanford University Press - 1988


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