Fishing, A Very Peculiar History

Fishing, A Very Peculiar History

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Fishing, A Very Peculiar History' explores one of the most ancient and popular pastimes in the world in the unique Peculiar History style, packed full of fascinating facts, quirky trivia and mind-boggling statistics. Rob Beattie tackles everything from the history of fish and chips to fish that look like celebrities and from what the well-dressed angler is wearing this season to brave fishing adventures and different fishing techniques from around the world. Whether you read a page, a chapter or a whole book, you won't be able to help but be intrigued and amazed at how much information is packed into a Peculiar History title.... abubble float halffull ofa€“ good grief, what is that?!? a€“ anda landingnet handle. Oh and a tin of sweet corn and some dog biscuits. What Idona#39;t have is a landing net, a reel to put the spool on, a tin opener, hooks, split shot or anything for lunch.

Title:Fishing, A Very Peculiar History
Author:Rob Beattie
Publisher:Andrews UK Limited - 2012-03-22


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