Fishing Secrets

Fishing Secrets

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I finally have a day off from chartering, so we decide to take out two of our grandsons, Cody and Brady, both fourteen. Cody was a big strapping boy, five ten and two hundred pounds and a size 12 shoe size. Brady was also five ten, but only one hundred and forty pounds and a size 9 shoe size. Cody was passive and Brady very aggressive. Brady was born without a left forearm but he had adapted very well. After we got out on the lake, the boys tossed a coin to see who would reel in the first fish. Cody won. When we hooked the first fish, Cody grabbed the pole. This was a big fish. He reeled for fifteen minutes, and finally Brady allowed Cody to use his shoulder to rest the pole on, since Cody was complaining that it was getting hard to reel. After twenty minutes Brady said to Cody, a€œCome on, get that fish in!a€ Cody said, a€œBrady, wait till ita€™s your turn. You dona€™t know how hard this is.a€ There are secrets to catching fish, but there are also secrets to everyday living. This book covers a vast number of both subjects. It tells of a young boy who discovered his passion at an early agea€”fishinga€”and the secrets he learned along the way. But what he did not know was that those secrets he learned at an early age about fishing actually applied to everyday life. Things like raising children or becoming a successful salesman or handling stress. Over the years he found that fishing secrets had many applications to life in general. The book is not just about fishing but how our lives are interwoven with all the activities we are involved in throughout our lives.The life and times of A present day Charter Fishing Captain. Captain Dale A. Laurin Sr. anyone I knew. So how was she able to make so many socks and mittens? She would go to Goodwill and buy old wool sweaters for five cents, pull themanbsp;...

Title:Fishing Secrets
Author:Captain Dale A. Laurin Sr.
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2013-12-11


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