Fit for Duty

Fit for Duty

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In the world of law enforcement, there are no time-outs, no halftime breaks, and no substitutions! If you're a police officer, sheriff's deputy, state patrol officer, federal agent, or detention officer, you know that you need strength and stamina to perform your job effectively, especially when critical situations arise. Fit for Duty, Second Editionwill help you prepare for the rigors of your work. You'll learn how to develop an individualized fitness program that not only improves your physical readiness but also helps you lead a healthier lifestyle. Founded on 40 years of law enforcement fitness experience and field-tested research involving more than 200 agencies, Fit for Duty, Second Editionprovides you with the most complete job-specific training for improving your cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, explosive strength, agility, speed, and anaerobic power. You'll also uncover new strategies for starting up an exercise program and sticking with it, along with the latest dietary guidelines and stress- and weight-management tools. Featuring updated illustrations and all-new photos, this book also provides behavior-change strategies for tobacco cessation and substance abuse prevention and lists professional support organizations. Fit for Duty, Second Editionis a resource used in FitForcea€”a comprehensive fitness program that offers training, educational resources, and support services for law enforcement officers. Whether you're physically fit or an exercise rookie, this book will help you achieve your fitness objectives, giving you that extra edge in the line of duty.If you were able to do more than 20 repetitions of a given weight, take a 5-minute rest period, add 10 to 15 pounds, and do as many repetitions as ... Equipment a€c A mat, if desired a€c A stopwatch a€c A helper Proper sit-up positions: start and up.

Title:Fit for Duty
Author:Robert Hoffman, Thomas R. Collingwood
Publisher:Human Kinetics - 2005


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