Fixing Climate

Fixing Climate

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With Broeker as his guide, award-winning science writer Robert Kunzig looks back at Earth's volatile climate history so as to shed light on the challenges ahead. Ice ages, planetary orbits, a giant 'conveyor belt' in the ocean ... it's a riveting story full of maverick thinkers, extraordinary discoveries and an urgent blueprint for action. Likening climate to a slumbering beast, ready to react to the smallest of prods, Broecker shows how assiduously we've been prodding it, by pumping 70 million tonnes of CO2 into the air each year. Fixing Climate explains why we need not just to reduce emissions but to start removing our carbon waste from our atmosphere. And in a thrilling last section of the book, we learn how this could become reality, using 'artificial trees' and underground storage.Reading was the one thing that was never easy; much later, when some of his own kids developed the same problem ... rescued from some washing machine, he bought it and mounted it in a wooden Soap Box Derby car he had built. ... On the boulevards, with only his shoes as brakes, he could hit 30 mpha€”he knew because every so often he would pull even with a car and shout, a€œHow fast am I going?

Title:Fixing Climate
Author:Wallace Broecker
Publisher:Profile Books - 2010-07-09


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