Flash MX Express

Flash MX Express

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Some Flash users like the depth, comfort and security of the linear tutorial approach. Others respond better to a more laid-back model. This book is for you if you're a denizen of the latter group; it's rich in images and examples, and restrained in its use of narrative. It gives you a fast but thorough and structured introduction that'll get you started with Flash MX quickly. This beginner-level book uses a visual tutorial model to teach you the core knowledge you'll need to get started with Flash MX. It's rich in images and examples, and is aimed at the reader who prefers to learn by example and play, rather than by following a fixed tutorial route. This book is completely modular, so you can read it in any order you like, and come back to specific modules for reference purposes later.Open up the file guide_layer.fla and youa#39;ll see three layers: a€c Car Tween layer has an instance of the symbol car on it a€c Track Guide ... To make the motion appear more realistic the car symbol has also been skewed and enlarged when the car appears to come nearer ... the Pencil tool (Y on your keyboard), draw a very rough oval in red around the race track, starting at the front of the car and ending justanbsp;...

Title:Flash MX Express
Author:Glen Rhodes, BJ Mace, Leon Cych
Publisher:friendsofED - 2002-05-31


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