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The Grandview Flea Market and Farmer's Exchange (or The 'View) is an oasis of gray-market commerce where antiques of questionable vintage fight for space against an explosion of bootleg designer vinyl handbags and the Chinese vendors who hock them. 5 acres of muck and mire, Italian sausages and hamburgers, comic books and handbags, cheap plastic toys and classic records all baked under the summer sun like Hell's garage sale. The center of that Hell is Istanbul, a former dairy barn, dancehall, and bingo parlor now a great indoor bazaar where the old guard of The 'View barter their junk. Spend a weekend with the dwellers and sellers of the 'View as they navigate this world of cash-only commerce. Each tale stands alone but offers pieces of a larger story told throughout around the question of who killed Flannery Collins and what does that mean to those who call the 'View home?When he dies Ia#39;ll put the chain fall back in the big garage so I can finish the engine swap for my Trans Am. Dona#39;t get me wrong. I love Granddad more ... I hurry out and give the oatmeal a quick stir before hammering on the wall leading up the stairs to my bedroom. aquot;Molly! Get up! ... I grab two bowls, two spoons, the brown sugar, and a jar of homemade maple syrup from the cupboard. The coffee makeranbsp;...

Author:Jeffrey DeRego
Publisher:Lulu.com - 2014-05-26


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