Flexible Stones

Flexible Stones

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Despite their ubiquitous presence among prehistoric remains in Greece, ground stone tools have yet to attract the same kind of attention as have other categories of archaeological material, such as pottery or lithics. Flexible Stones provides a detailed analysis of the material discovered during the excavations at Franchthi Cave, Peloponnese, Greece. Approximately 500 tools, the raw material used for their manufacture, as well as the byproducts of such manufacture were found. Most of this collection comes from the Neolithic component of the site -- including a small number of Palaeolithic and Mesolithic cases -- with a large number of the studied tools indicating multiple uses. Anna Stroulia sees the multifunctional character of these tools as a conscious choice that reflects a flexible attitude of tool makers and users toward tools and raw materials. A CD-Rom with 209 additional plates is included.They may have been worn as pendants, necklace elements, wrist or ear- pendants, or sewn onto clothing, as Skeates ... FS 229 was recycled at some point in its life to serve a non-Acut function that caused the obliteration of its working edge.

Title:Flexible Stones
Author:Anna Stroulia
Publisher:Indiana University Press - 2010-03-30


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