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Description of Flies Flies is the story of an ostensibly demented resident of an insane asylum who goes by the name of Smythe. Smythea€™s responsiblity at the Flick Institute for the Mentally Afflicted is to simply swat enough flies so that his OSC (Occupational Service Chart) can eventually be forwarded to the OAE (Office of Admissions and Exits) for parole consideration. The Flick Institute is a cold, evil microcosm of a€œworlda€ society, replete with a universe of acronyms, murderous unethical staff workers, mysterious forbidden rooms, and unbelievably psychotic nightmares. It becomes obvious that Smythe hates the situation he is in and struggles to overcome not only the impossible red tape of the Flick Institute, but also the bizarre machinations of a rival flykiller by the name of Lyle Gond.Listen doctor, someone is playing a piano inside the house, and as you draw nearer, the music becomes increasingly louder. ... Notice the richly textured paintings on the side walls of two bearded gentlemen, no doubt former residents of this old house. Notice how their eyes follow you as you proceed one step at a time up those creaky time-worn steps; steps that had ... Now walk slowly past the smooth marble statues of Persephone and Osiris, past the porcelain stained figurines thatanbsp;...

Author:Stark Hunter
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2005-07-14


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