Flower Crops: Cultivation and Management

Flower Crops: Cultivation and Management

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Flower growing, once used to be a gardener's activity has today transformed into an astounding business. In India also, being an integral part of our rich heritage and culture, flower crops have become source of income as highly remunerative crops. Concerted efforts are being made in the country to boost the productivity, quality and export worthiness of several floricultural crops. With the changing trends and constant urge for new innovative products, this is imperative to have information about new potential crops with novel developed varieties and improved production technology. The worldwide interest in floriculture has also forced the agriculture universities and colleges for their perusal on teaching the emerging stream floriculture. Hence, the present book is a result of good compilation of recent advances in floriculture by the author. The publication entitled qFlower Crops: Cultivation and Managementq specifies the practices and problems in growing flower crops along with entire description of crops and potential varieties.POSTHARVEST MANAGEMENT Distillation The finest and most powerful rose perfume is the Otto or Attar, which is a ... to undertake hydro-distillation with a boiling mixture of rose flowers and water, and the steam condensed and collected. ... These oils are combined to make rose oil. ... While distilling, the condenser temperature is held at 45AdC to prevent deposition of the waxes in the condenser, and atanbsp;...

Title:Flower Crops: Cultivation and Management
Author:A. K. Singh
Publisher:New India Publishing - 2006-01-01


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