Food Habits and Consumption in Developing Countries

Food Habits and Consumption in Developing Countries

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During the last decade the food and nutrition situation in developing countries has changed dramatically. For better or worse, urbanization and globalization have altered the diet and nutrition in both rural and urban areas. In many developing countries a persistent level of under nutrition exists both in rural areas and in urban slums due to less access to food needed for an active and healthy life. On the other hand, over-nutrition, or eating too much, has emerged among the middle-income groups. It is essential to have a better understanding of how people deal with their food in developing countries, in order to plan and implement food and nutrition programmes.This manual deals with the process of changing food habits and consumption patterns in developing countries. Nutritional implications, together with practical information is discussed in relationship to conducting field surveys. Part one of the manual provides insight into the dynamics of food habits and consumption and its socio-economic and cultural dimensions. Part two gives practical information on small scale surveys to be carried out within the framework of a nutrition issue; including data collecting on food habits and the measurement of food intake. This manual addresses professionals with practical or academic training and those who are involved in various types of food and nutrition programmes or related activities. It can also be used as a handbook in food and nutrition training courses at higher and at academic level.Manual for Social Surveys A. P. den Hartog, Wija A. van Staveren, Inge D. Brouwer ... and related issues during a certain period of life, such as during the first years of their marriage or the first years after the birth of her first child, etc. ... difficulty with the oral history method is the memory of informants and the dating of events.

Title:Food Habits and Consumption in Developing Countries
Author:A. P. den Hartog, Wija A. van Staveren, Inge D. Brouwer
Publisher:Wageningen Academic Pub - 2006


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