Food in the Ancient World from A to Z

Food in the Ancient World from A to Z

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Sensual yet pre-eminently functional, food is of intrinsic interest to us all. This exciting new work by a leading authority explores food and related concepts in the Greek and Roman worlds. In entries ranging from a few lines to a couple of pages, Andrew Dalby describes individual foodstuffs (such as catfish, gazelle, peaches and parsley), utensils, ancient writers on food, and a vast range of other topics, drawn from classical literature, history and archaeology, as well as looking at the approaches of modern scholars. Approachable, reliable and fun, this A-to-Z explains and clarifies a subject that crops up in numerous classical sources, from plays to histories and beyond. It also gives references to useful primary and secondary reading. It will be an invaluable companion for students, academics and gastronomes alike.For exama€” ple, Greek apanthrakizo, epanthrakizo means a#39;grilla#39;, a thing you typically did with tender little fish, ... Antiphanes and Sotades; cooka€” ing lessons and instructions were given on stage in plays by Alexis (see quotation at SCAD) ... Philemon Junior 1 Kassel; Aristotle, Meteorologica 380b13a€” 381b22; Varro, On the Latin Language 5.109; Pollux O ... a#39;Methods of food preparation in Mesopotamia (c.3000a€”600 BC)a#39; in Journal of the Economic and Social History of the Orient vol.

Title:Food in the Ancient World from A to Z
Author:Andrew Dalby
Publisher:Routledge - 2013-04-15


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