Football: From England to the World

Football: From England to the World

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This book is a fascinating journey through a series of scholarly articles. The journey begins by tracing one of the most significant stories in the popularization of Association Football. In the next leg of the journey it charts the diverse and changing face of the modern British game. It then moves on to the global spread of the game from England and its domestication and appropriation in its new homes across the planet. It also investigates the exchanges which are increasingly taking place between these new homes of football. In the concluding pieces footballa€™s global experience is compared with the attempts at globalizing baseball and drawing out the larger patterns that inform footballa€™s global experience. This book was published as a special issue in Soccer and Society.The growth of football occurred initially because it was so easy to export: a ball and some players were all that was needed. And if a ball ... The near universal nature of the game has led to the creation of a truly global regulatory body: FIFA. The rules of ... None of this is possible without the existence of global 12. Epilogue:anbsp;...

Title:Football: From England to the World
Author:Dolores Martinez, Projit B. Mukharji
Publisher:Routledge - 2013-10-31


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