Footwear Impression Evidence

Footwear Impression Evidence

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Reviewed and recognized as the most authoritative source in the field, this book describes the methods used worldwide to recover and identify footwear impressions from the scene of a crime. In this new edition, everything, including the original twelve chapters, bibliography, appendix, etc., has been clarified, updated and expanded. This edition includes updated and new information on recovery procedures and materials such as lifting, photography and casting; chemical enhancement; updated information about footwear manufacturing; footwear sizing; and known impression techniques and materials. WHATa€™S NEW IN THE SECOND EDITION: Besides updating and expanding the twelve original chapters, Footwear Impression Evidence: Detection, Recovery and Examination, Second Edition adds three new chapters: one chapter on barefoot evidence, which concerns impressions made by the naked or sock-clad foot or those which remain in abandoned or discarded footwear; another new chapter on several cases in which the footwear impression evidence was of primary importance in bringing about a conviction or confession; and finally, a new chapter on the footwear impression evidence in the O.J. Simpson criminal and civil cases.aquot;Pick up the trail with plaster castsaquot;, FBI Law Enforcement Bull, 20(5), 6-10, 1951. Hotter, U. R., aquot;Two types of outsole ... Professional Shoe Fitting, National Shoe Retailers Association, New York, 1984. Putnam, BA, aquot;Powder, prints and theanbsp;...

Title:Footwear Impression Evidence
Author:William J. Bodziak
Publisher:CRC Press - 1999-09-17


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