Forbidden Trespass

Forbidden Trespass

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WEARY WANDERERS In the war-torn wasteland known as Deathlands, desperation and destruction have replaced dreams and peace. Each day arrives with a new life-threatening challenge for wanderer Ryan Cawdor and his fellow band of survivorsa€b FEAST OR FAMINE Bizarre murders are taking place in a fertile farming community, and the locals are quick to point fingers at Ryan and his companions. But they know another culprit is responsible. A colony of mutants has been driven from its underground home, forced to find sustenance in the light of day. And only human flesh will satisfy their hunger. Caught between a rock and a horde of hungry cannibals, Ryan and the companions face an ultimatuma€”help the cannies reclaim their territory, or risk becoming the next meal. Except something far more sinistera€” and ravenousa€”lurks beneath the lush fieldsa€bLike Mildred, shehad stripped offthe mana#39;s shirt she worein favorof her halter top. Alsolike Mildred, she ... She took a handkerchief from her pantspocketand wipedher forehead. Her glorious ... Jak lookedat her. a€œWant make sure dona#39;t, a€ he saidanbsp;...

Title:Forbidden Trespass
Author:James Axler
Publisher:Gold Eagle - 2015-05-01


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