Forever the One

Forever the One

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qRochelle French brings both tears and laughter, leaving you breathless for more...lots more!q New York Times bestselling author, Virna DePaul Years ago, Sadie Courant had been the frizzy-haired twerp next door. Now shea€™s drop-dead gorgeous and has, well...uh...breasts. Ita€™s no wonder Broadway director Ethan Sawyer doesna€™t recognize his best frienda€™s little sister when he sees her again. Sadie has been in love with Ethan since she was in braces. So when he fails to recognize her at the bachelor auction shea€™s organized, she flips. Sure, she looks a little different now, what with the boobs and a little help from a flat iron, but really? Deciding she needs to get the man out of her system, Sadie negotiates a way for Ethan to make up for his mistake: a one-night stand. She figures after they do the deed, hea€™ll head back to New York and shea€™ll finally be able to let go. But when Ethan has to move back to the small town of Meadowview and work side-by-side with Sadie, she realizes she couldna€™t be more wrong about the letting go part of her plan. Because Ethan has and always will be...forever the one.Chessie let out a chuff of air as she unhooked the remainder of Sadiea#39;s curls from the overarching vine, then took off back down the path, Sadie hot on her heels. ... Shea#39;d forgone the flat iron, given that shea#39;d just get frizzy again once she jumped into the river, which made her hair ... Piled with backpacks, coolers, and beach towels, Sadie and Lia followed Chessiea#39;s footsteps, careful to keep on the path.

Title:Forever the One
Author:Rochelle French
Publisher:Rochelle French - 2014-05-06


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