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A persuasive dean from a historically black university in Washington, D.C. talks Dr. Benjamin Parks into teaching a seminar on cross-cultural relationships. Bright students enroll and question whether bridges really can be built across racial, gender, attraction orientation, political, and religious divides. The universal dilemmas explored in the seminar are but one of the multilayered complexities that in some ways challenge and in other ways trap Ben Parks. His professional achievements cana€™t substitute for the loving, peaceful home life that stays just out of reach. Compounding the situation, Ben is afraid he is losing his memory and may be suffering from early dementia. He experiences embarrassing signs at unexpected times in both his professional life as an organizational consultant and part-time college professor, and in his hot and cold relationship with his wife Addie. Ben is blessed with a career hobnobbing with corporate and government movers and shakers as they wrestle with complex strategic leadership questions. But as multiple family members around him are succumbing to Alzheimera€™s, Ben wonders if hea€™s next in line.November 2002: Ben had stuck to his guns and refused to do the Summer Seminar in 2000 and 2001 . . . but by the summer of 2002, Dr. Prescott had ... Tonya#39;s shiny new black 2002 Toyota Prius stood clean on one side of the wide driveway.

Author:Nick Mann
Publisher:Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency - 2015-06-04


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