Forgotten Secrets of Natural Conception

Forgotten Secrets of Natural Conception

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The aim of Forgotten Secrets of Natural Conception is to help women who are having trouble conceiving a child. Though analysis of true stories of conception, including her own, Pangrazzi takes the reader on a journey to show them how their mind affects their ability to conceive as well as the connection we all have with the universe. The book explores the fact that infertility appears to be on the rise, regardless of the scientific knowledge and information available about conception. By helping the reader to recognize the signs of fertility that our own bodies give us every month, rather than relying on expensive kits, this book aims to remind women that they are a part of their own body and to listen to their inner voices. By explaining how the subconscious mind works and how to dissolve inner blocks, Martina teaches the reader how to accept help and be more positive. Through various simple mental exercises she reveals how to replace damaging, detrimental thoughts (such as a€œI will never be able to have a babya€) with a more harmonious state of mind. The book also explores the concept that pregnancy is a highly spiritual matter, and that the whole universe is involved in creating each life. By understanding that like attracts like, readers are shown how to resolve the pressure and desperate longing for a baby. In addition to relaxation methods and positive affirmations presented throughout the chapters, Martina also discusses different natural healing methods that help with fertility and giving the reader a better understanding of whata€™s available out therea€”and a€œina€ therea€”to help with conception concerns.Ia#39;m not saying this is the ultimate truth and the secret to all your troubles, but I believe, as many others do, that when you are desperate ... Then you either start counting which days you will be ovulating or you spend another Ap20 -Ap25 on an ovulation kit. ... You create these pregnancy signs in your mind and your body reacts.

Title:Forgotten Secrets of Natural Conception
Author:Martina Pangrazzi
Publisher:Andrews UK Limited - 2012-08-13


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